Chronic Offenders Lists

The Third Precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department started the Citizens and Law Enforcement Action Network, or CLEAN, to identify individuals who are the most frequent criminal offenders in key areas of Phillips, including Lake Street and Bloomington Avenue. The Police are working hard to stop these individuals from committing crime in Phillips.

The Third Precinct is working directly with prosecutors in the Minneapolis City Attorney's Office and Hennepin County Attorney's Office, and with community members to identify these chronic offenders, focus law enforcement resources on apprehending them, and convincing judges through the prosecution process that these individuals should receive real sentences that will keep them off the street. Since rolling out this project in May 2004, the police have made many arrests from the lists, and prosecutors have been able to secure longer sentences for those offenders.

If you would like to receive the CLEAN Sheets if you think you may have any information about frequent offenders or if you would like to submit an impact statement, please call the Midtown Safety Center at 612-825-6138, or e-mail CPS John Baumann at