2005 Crime Statistics for the Third Precinct

2005 Crime Statistics
Third Precinct, Minneapolis

Despite a rash of killings in the summer months, the Third Precinct’s murder rate continued to fall in 2005. Narcotics and arson were also significantly down. This year saw an increase in larceny, robberies and assault. Other categories of crime incidents, both Part 1 and Part 2 offenses, roughly matched last year's numbers. Overall, crime incidents in the precinct rose by 4.5 percent for the year. Compared with city-wide numbers, the Third Precinct fared well. Other precincts report overall crime incidents up between 14 and 31 percent. 

At the January 2006 meeting of the Community Crime Prevention Initiative, Crime Prevention Specialist Donald Greely presented the following statistics tracking crime trends in the Third Precinct. 

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Phillps Partnership has organized the Community Crime Prevention Initiative since 1998. This group of neighborhood residents and employees meets monthly at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. For more information, call Susie Helget at 612-344-1400.